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Wearing guys' headphones is like wearing guys' jeans. Doable but the fit might be off. The Knockout is a great sounding headphone that women can call their own. It's redesigned headband, Pureclean ear pads and custom-tuned acoustics suit their sound and style.

Quality Crafted
  • Bold, Unique Design

    Built with premium materials and a custom design, the Knockout offers a fashion-forward aesthetic and edge.

  • No Pressure

    The first female-focused design that provides a comfortable and stable fit. A headphone created with all your needs in mind.

  • Custom Comfort

    We designed custom foam ear pads for added comfort and stability.

Designed with Purpose
  • Look Your Best

    Pureclean ear gels prevent build-up of germs keeping the earbuds fresh and clean.

  • Portable Style

    The Knockout features a foldable design that breaks down to a fraction of its size. Toss them in the lux wristlet and go.

  • Sound for a Woman

    Female specific tuning built from the ground up to produce cleaner, deeper bass and natural sounding vocals.

Beyond Looks
  • 3-Button Remote and Mic

    A three-button in-line remote with mic can pick up calls and control your music with play, pause and track functionality.

  • Detachable Cable

    Knockout has a detachable cable for easy storage. Minimize cable tangle and increase longevity.

  • Travel Wristlet

    Crafted and fashioned with premium materials, a zipper closure and a slender strap, the wristlet provides stylish storage.


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